Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Students Pulling Their Weight in the Community

President Obama remarked in one of his speeches that after 9/11 President Bush had a golden opportunity to utilize the skills and talents of all of the people in this nation, and he did not. Now President Obama has a heavy load, and THAT LOAD COULD BE LIGHTENED BY ENLISTING CITIZENS AT ALL LEVELS. For example, school curriculums should reflect our concern about the environment. The concrete program is open to change and modification as we see what works and what doesn’t work.

An example of utilizing HELPING HANDS is COLLEGE STUDENTS OVERSEEING HIGH SCHOOLERS, WHO WOULD OVERSEE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLERS, etc..., acting like a pyramid…and focusing on issues of social and environmental importance. I am discomforted that certain elite schools in this country have not addressed energy and environmental concerns, or have not made students aware of how important these topics are. We welcome the growing number of ENERGY FAIRS.

I am also amazed at how WALLS SPEAK. What do they say? Nothing is happening here today, or SOMETHING IS HAPPENING HERE TODAY.

An example of this occurred many years ago. I had appointments at a certain university medical center. Each time I was there I felt disgruntled and let down. Each time I encountered bare walls. I thought, what a wonderful opportunity patients were missing to learn specifics about nutrition and health, exercise kinesiology, and environment and health. I asked some of the higher-ups who had some clout why they didn’t include art therapy, nutrition, sports therapy, and music therapy in their clinical center. I never got a clear answer, but continued to ask. They were just too busy with things of lesser value.

Let’s get each discipline (nutrition, exercise kinesiology, environment, etc…) to put these different therapies into a college curriculum.

This potential project would be to create murals that could be part of a class assignment for college students. It wouldn’t cost anything. If they had had the murals on these walls twenty years ago, it would have drawn people into the clinical center instead of drawing them away.

This project could be called HEALTHY MURALS; it could be done as part of an educational vehicle that links the particular subject matter of a student to the need of a community. If someone would delineate a project called HEALTHY MURALS the blueprint would be free, in essence giving it to these clinical centers at no cost.

There could also be something for lower grades called HEALTHY MOVES. This could be, for example, calisthenics before class. Even five minutes before class for kindergarten and up involving stretching or other simple exercises could be put into effect. This would be a thread that would connect education, health care, artistry, and self esteem. These are two areas that young people could easily become involved in.

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